KINO-DOC documentary film core was established in December 2012, with the aim of running two documentary film courses (beginner, and advanced in the second year) with innovative programs that provide technical skills for both professionals and students from different areas of expertise. The courses teach the techniques of cinema from a theoretical point of view, by watching mainly films that are relevant to the history of documentary film, which are then explained and discussed. In practical terms the course enables students to film with up-to-date high resolution and low-cost cameras, digitally edit their work, and learn other post-production procedures on their computers.

To do it yourself, do it with KINO-DOC


KINO-DOC DOCUMENTARY FILM COURSE 2019/20 begins in October. Each pupil with or without previous technical knowledge is invited to choose a subject and to make a documentary. The history of documentary film is taught along with several cinematic techniques until the final cut of each film.

The course is weekly and there are 9 slots to choose from:

Monday, 6h30-7h45 / 7h50-9h05 PM (starting on October 7)

Tuesday, 2h45-4h / 6h30-7h45 PM (starting on October 1)

Wednesday, 2h-3h15 / 7h50-9h05 PM (starting on October 2)

Thursday, 6h30-7h45 / 7h50-9h05 PM (starting on October 3)

Friday, 2h-3h15 PM (starting on October 4)

The course runs until June 2020 and has a monthly fee of € 65.

Classes are normally taught in Portuguese, however if there are several students who need a class to be in English then we can arrange it, but let us know in advance. Please bare in mind that the course is very visual and a great opportunity to improve your Portuguese.

Pre-registrations start on June 3, 2019. To pre-register you just have to send us your name, phone number, e-mail and the chosen slot.


Also starting in October is the KINO-DOC ADVANCED DOCUMENTARY FILM COURSE 2019/20. A course for those who have completed the previous course at some point in the past.

In the advanced course students cement their technical and theoretical knowledge, making each one of them a documentary feature film. Classes are mainly practical with tutorial guidance by the teacher to both individual and collective work.

It is a weekly course and students can choose from one of the following 3 slots:

Tuesday, 7h50-9h05 PM (starting on October 1)

Wednesday, 6h30-7h45 PM (starting on October 2)

Thursday, 2h-3h15 PM (starting on October 3)

The course runs until July 2019 and has a monthly fee of € 65.


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Please check KINO-DOC’s webpage in Portuguese for our “newsreels” (“actualidades”), more videos and other contents.