Em pleno período de rodagens dos filmes dos alunos do KINO-DOC, fica aqui uma entrevista recente a um dos maiores cineastas contemporâneos, Wang Bing, que entre outros assuntos aborda a realidade de filmar com escassos recursos e a liberdade que esta autoriza. Inspirador.

“I want to make personal movies, so I work with low budgets. I think that if I make a “big investment” movie, I will have less freedom: I will be tied down by the money and by other conditions. For example, if I made a commercial movie I would have to work with a huge crew, and I don’t think that I am prepared for that. I would probably end up spending too much time managing the crew and not enough time on the shooting itself. Digital technology provides a good platform for a person to make his own movie with a minimal crew, and that suits me fine. It is the way I want to work. I totally accept and embrace my status. I don’t feel it is “poor filmmaking”, in spite of the low budget. I think personal movies deserve their place into the film industry beside the commercial ones.”